Why Us?

There are many ideas that come into people’s minds when they think about utilizing their outdoor space fully.  Some think of putting up a swimming pool, others a backyard playground which is fully equipped with swings and slides for the kids, while others choose to go with outdoor kitchens and barbeques.  All these options are a good idea. However, they require quality design and planning to bring out, not only, a beautiful view but also efficient flow of the activities that will take place there. Once you decide to take your outdoor space to another level by setting up an outdoor kitchen, there are some things you have to consider to ensure you make the most out of it.  It would be very bad if you used a large investment only to make a mess out of your backyard.

Are you thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your yard? Let Solid Brick Contracting, LLC help you!  This is a great addition to your outdoor space. As you will be able to host great parties.

Installation Process


1. Free Estimate

The first step is to receive a free consultation to go over your needs and determine what your project will cost. We are expert estimators, so the price you’re given is what you’ll pay.

We design within your budget, so no matter what you’re looking to spend, we can create the perfect outdoor space for you. 

2. Conceptual Design

After your consultation, we get to work on the conceptual design. Our designers will create the space you’re looking for at the price you want to spend.

The design is then brought back for you to review and changes are made until you’re 100% satisfied.

3. Construction

After the design is approved, it’s time to get to work. Our crews are employed by us, so we won’t subcontract your job to a stranger. 

We train every one of our employees to the highest standards. Our crews are professional, courteous, and will ensure you’re completely satisfied at all times during construction.

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